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Press Release
February 2007

A Decade in Washington, DC: Expanding Business Worldwide SM
Houlihan International Celebrates 10th Anniversary in 2007

“We are thrilled to reach our 10th year Business Anniversary and to continue meeting our clients’ needs in the Nation’s Capital,” said Peggy Houlihan, President and CEO of Houlihan International. “This is an important milestone. Through the development of new products and cutting-edge services, we help businesses meet challenges not only in the United States, but also in high-growth overseas markets."

Since 1997, Houlihan International has been using Washington-based expertise, personal relationships and resources to provide clients with business advocacy services and innovative solutions through worldwide business consulting, financing and Washington, DC representation. Clients include Fortune 100 companies, small to midsize firms and financial institutions, as well as trade associations and the U.S. Government.

Houlihan International’s 10-year record of accomplishments in leveraging government and international resources on behalf of its clients provides a continuity that ensures quality, long-lasting relationships, and profitable results. The company provides the expertise to sell products and services abroad, guiding businesses through the maze of government and international programs that are not widely known or understood.

Houlihan said, “Given the high stakes Washington arena, companies need strong advocacy to further their agenda - not only in terms of continuous on-the-ground representation, but also in pursuing international business opportunities. The key to increasing sales worldwide is to take advantage of financing, marketing, business development and other resources to make international deals and projects become realities.”

Highly respected on Capitol Hill, Houlihan International is well known for its accomplishments in spearheading successful legislative efforts and campaigns, resulting in competitive, cutting-edge programs and long-term business solutions. Clients rely on Your Washington OfficeTM, a service offered by Houlihan International, to expand their global businesses. Houlihan says, “This service allows small and mid-sized firms to have a significant 'footprint' in the Nation’s Capital in terms of access, continuity and strong advocacy, without the costly overhead required to maintain a Washington office. We continue to be very excited about bringing this opportunity to growing firms.”

Houlihan International L.L.C. specializes in business development, marketing, financing, and Washington, DC representation to help companies sell products and services in world markets. Peggy Houlihan, President and CEO, has more than 25 years of high-level experience in the Nation’s Capital - representing Bechtel for 15 years, then serving for six years as President of the Coalition for Employment through Exports (CEE), a nationally-based organization promoting sales and competitive financing of American products and services overseas.


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